Category: Theme Options

Smooth Scroll

Smooth Scroll This is the setting for page smooth scroll Smooth Scroll – This Option Enable/Disable to append smooth scroll js to website. ( enable/disable ). Scroll TimeEnter – Smooth

Import / Export

These options allow you to import or export the file for your theme. Import Options Import from File: You can directly import the theme options from the file. Import from


In this option, you can Enable/Disable RTL to change theme. RTL: You can use Enable/Disable for RTL option.

Media Settings

In this setting for media sizes option. Macros Grid Large Size: This option used in gallery large grid. If you don’t want this size means just leave this empty. Default


In this setting for comment type, comment link, comment share option. Comments Type: This option will be showing comment like Facebook or default WordPress. Comments Like: You can Enable/Disable to


This is the setting for API like Goole, Facebook, etc… Mail chimp API Key: To connect your MailChimp account you will need to enter your API keys into the necessary


In Logo option, you can upload image for logo, sticky logo and mobile logo. Logo: This option is to upload theme default logo. If you not give any logo, then


In Theme Loaders option, you can Enable/Disable the Page Loader and upload the loader images. Page Loader: You can enable or disable for Page Loader. Infinite Scroll Image: You can