Compare Pricing Shortcode

This is the setting for Compare pricing Shortcode

  • Compare pricing  – This shortcode was used to display compare pricing shortcode into various style.
  • Font Color – Here you can put font color.
  • Compare pricing table layout  – here you can choose a different layout.
  • Compare Main Title – Here you can add Title.
  • Compare Title Height  – Here you can the height to title.
  • Pricing Table – Pricing Compare title.
  • Pricing Title – You can set the title.
  • Title color – You can set the title color.
  • Pricing before text – This is before text field for the price.
  • Price – This is the field for the price.
  • Price After – This is after field text for price.
  • Price Feature Name  – Here you can put features
  • Price Features status – This is an option for showing pricing status to tick, cross, dash or none.
  • Button Text – This is an option for pricing button Text.
  • Button Url – This is an option for pricing button URL.