Google Map Shortcode

This is the setting for Google map Shortcode

  • Google Map  – This shortcode was used to display Google Map into various style.
  • Extra Class – Here you can add an extra class to your portfolio shortcode.
  • Title – This is text option for google map title.
  • Animation Style – Choose your animation style.
  • Map Details – This is options for google map latitude, longitude etc..
  • Map Height– This is set an option for google map height.
  • Map Style  – This is an option for map style. If you want custom map style, then choose custom and set map colors to ‘Color’ tab.
  • Map Zoom  – This is set an option for google map zoom level.The default value is 14.
  • Map Scroll  – This is an option for google map zoom on a scroll at the position of the mouse on the map
  • Map Color – Here you an customize the map color design.