Icon Shortcode

This is the setting for Icon Shortcode

  • Icon – This shortcode was used to display icon’s into various style.
  • Font Color – Here you can put the font color.
  • Animation Style – Choose your animation style.
  • Icon Layout – Here You can change the layout to Icon shortcode.
  • Icon size– Here You can set the font size.
  • Choose from Icon library – Select icon library.
  • Icon Style  – This is an option for icon style.
  • Icon hover Color  – You can change the icon hover color here.
  • Icon Background – You can change the icon background color.
  • Icon Background hover color –  Here you can change the icon hover background color.
  • Icon style  – Here you can set icon style as ( Rounded, square, Circled).
  • Border Color  – Here you can choose icon border color.
  • Border Size  – Here you can choose border width.