Mailchimp Shortcode

This is the setting for Mailchimp Shortcode

  • Mailchimp – This shortcode was used to display your Mailchimp into various style.
  • MailChimp Layout – Here you can add an extra class to your portfolio shortcode.
  • Select A mailing list – This MailChimp list’s showing by given MailChimp API key from theme options.
  • Sign Up Button Style – This is an option for MailChimp button style.
  • Sign Up button text – Here You can change signup button Text.
  • Placeholder Text  – This is for placeholder text.
  • First Name Field  – This is an option for collect first name.
  • Last Name Field  – This is an option for collect last name
  • Sub Title – This subtitle text show below of MailChimp title
  • Success Text  – This success message text for MailChimp./span>
  • Failed Text  –  This failed message text for MailChimp.