Page Option – Header General

Header General Settings

These all are header general settings for current new page.

  • Header Layout: You can choose your header layout has “Boxed” or “Wide”.
  • Header Type: Select your header type for matching your site (default, Right sticky, left sticky). If you choose right/left sticky, then default header options are hide and not working. Only work “Header Sticky/Fixed” part options.
  • Header Background Image: Choose header background image for current post.
  • Header Items Options: Choose your post item has “Custom” or “Themes Default”. If you select default, custom options are hide and not working.
  • Header Items: Choose header items options for disable, sticky, normal header drag and drop items. You can drag items for top bar, logo section, nav bar for your header Items.
  • Header Absolute Option: You can Enable/Disable header absolute option to show transparent header for page. This option only looks good when slide immediate item of header.
  • Header Sticky: You can Enable/Disable sticky part to sticky which items are placed in Sticky Part at Header Items. Items like (header sticky part, sticky scroll up, none and default).
  • Secondary Space Option: You can Enable/Disable for secondary space option. If you select disable, enable options are hide and not working on this site.
  • Secondary Space Animate Type: Choose your secondary space option animate type for current page. Option is left push, left overlay, right push, right overlay, and full page overlay.
  • Secondary Space Width: Set your secondary space width for current page. Example 300.
  • Custom Logo: Choose your custom logo image for current new page.