Portfolio Option – Format



This part for if you choose video format, then you must choose video type and give video id. Videos will show only for Video Post Format.

  • Video Modal: Select your video modal type on your portfolio format. Available video modal types are direct video, modal box video, one click run video and theme default video.
  • Video Type: Select your video type on your portfolio. Available video types are YouTube, vimeo and custom video.
  • Video ID: Enter Video ID Example: ZSt9tm3RoUU. If you choose custom video type then you enter custom video URL and video must be mp4 format.


This part for if you choose audio format, then you must give audio id. Audios will show only for Audio portfolio format.

  • Audio Type: Choose your audio type, like none, soundcloud and custom audio.
  • Audio ID: Enter your soundcloud audio ID. Example: 315307209.


This part for if you choose gallery format, then you must choose gallery images here.

  • Gallery Modal: Select your gallery modal type on your post format. Available gallery modal types are default gallery, normal gallery, grid/masonry gallery. If you select normal/default gallery, grid/masonry gallery option are hide and not working.
  • Grid Gutter Size: Enter your gallery grid gutter size. Example 20
  • Grid Columns: Enter your gallery grid columns count. Example 2
  • Choose Gallery Images: Choose your portfolio format gallery images.

Google Map

This part for if you choose google map format, then you must give google map lat, land and map style.

  • Google Map Latitude: Enter your google latitude.
  • Google Map Longitude: Enter your google longitude.
  • Google Map Marker URL: Enter your google map custom marker URL.
  • Google Map Style: Choose your google map style, like standard, sliver, retro, dark, night, and aubergine.