Testimonial Shortcode

This is the setting for Testimonial Shortcode

  • Testimonial  – This shortcode was used to display our Testimonial’s into various style.
  • Extra Class – Here you can add an extra class to your Testimonial shortcode.
  • Post Per page – Here you can set the view count of the Testimonial.
  • Excerpt Length – This is the option to set the excerpt length
  • Font Color – Here you can put the font color.
  • Testimonial Layout  – Here you can set the layout Normal grid, Fit rows, Or Masonry.
  • Testimonial Variation – Here you can set light or dark layout.
  • Testimonial Columns  – You can change column count 1,2,3,4.
  • Text align  –  This is an option for testimonial text-align.
  • Slide Option – This is an option for testimonial slider option.